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12 Days in Switzerland (May 2015)

Prior to this trip, I never set foot in Europe.  I’ve seen a shitload of awesome pictures online and I wanted to travel to Switzerland, so why the hell not?  Let’s go!

My itinerary was only for 12-days, so I wanted to get as much out of it.  Planning was quasi-stressful and a pain in the ass because I needed to book multiple Airbnb for lodging.  I chose to stay in four Cantons (you know, like our States in America) and most of them were used as a base for day trips.

Make sure you look into the Swiss Travel Pass if you’re traveling extensively in Switzerland.  Also, don’t forget that Switzerland is an expensive country; get your money right before you go.  We’re talking about $15 USD Big Mac meals and $30 USD kimchee-jjigae here.


First day in Switzerland, I landed in Zurich then hauled ass to Appenzell.  If you’re into nature and hiking, then Appenzell will be a wet dream for you.  Seeing pictures of Seealpsee was the main reason why Switzerland got on my travel bucket list.  Don’t forget to try Appenzell cheese while you’re here.


From Appenzell, the next stop was Luzern.  One or two days is enough for Luzern, however, if you’re visiting Mt. Pilatus, make sure to go on a clear day.  Luzern had a ton of tourists, even in May, so be advised.  Took a day trip out to Lauterbrunnen Valley, which probably ranks the best excursion I took in Switzerland.


The third stop of my trip was Bern; another old town that you can probably see in a day.  It also makes a good base for day trips; I made the following excursions to: Basel, Zermatt, Thun, Avenches, and Murten


Geneva wasn’t interesting at all, at least for me.  There’s a red light district, but don’t get your hopes up, they brought out their B-team.  Quickly make your way out to the Lac Léman area if you have time. Fortunately, I had two separate day trips to Lausanne and Montreux.  If you’re ever in Lausanne, make sure to visit the Olympic Museum.

Notable Day Trips in Switzerland:

Heed my advice and get your ass to Switzerland!

Lauterbrunnen Valley is a MUST if you’re visiting Switzerland.  If you make your way out to Zermatt for the Matterhorn, you better go early and hope that it’s a clear day.

Gear used in Switzerland:
  • Nikon D300 w/ 35mm 1.8G lens
  • iPhone 6+

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