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Akashi (NYC)

Akashi is a fairly new sushi-ya in New York City, which opened up in October.   The restaurant is located in the West Village and it’s run by the head chef, Yoichi Akashi, who was previously at Yasuda and Nakazawa.


There are 10 seats at the counter and two tables in the back, but if you’re not eating at the counter, then what’s the point?  They served a 20-course omakase dinner with half of it being otsumami; if you’re looking for a traditional sushi-ya with a large variety of fish, Akashi is not for you.


Akashi had two other itamaes behind the counter frying, grilling, and preparing dishes.  The pacing of the dinner seemed out of sync because they tried to serve everyone at the same time.

They also serve their nigiri with akazu (red-vinegar) seasoned shari.  As previously stated, there wasn’t a large selection of fish available during our dinner.  The ostumamis were better than the nigiris and the shari was cold by the end of the meal.


14 Christopher St, New York, NY 10014

(212) 367-2067

Reservation made by phone two weeks in advance

Visited in mid-November 2016

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